Monday, February 28, 2011

CV буюу хувийн мэдээлэл бичих нь

Хувийн мэдээлэл:

Овог нэр
Төрсөн он сар өдөр
Холбогдох хаяг
И-мэйл хаяг
Холбогдох утасны дугаар
Баклаврын зэрэг
Элссэн он, төгөссөн он, сургуулийн нэр, дүнгийн голч/ тэдтэй байхаас тэдийг нь авсан/
Магист/Докторын зэрэг
Элссэн он, төгөссөн он эсвэл одоо сурч буй эсэх, Сургуулийн нэр, Голч дүн
Ажлын туршлага
Судалгааны ажлын туршлага
Яг одоо хийж буй судалгааны ажлын талаар
Өмнө нь хийж байсан судалгаанй ажил
Багшийн туршлага
Өмнө нь багшлаж байсан албан байгууллага, зэрэг
Одоо ажиллаж буй байгууллагын нэр, зэрэг
Бусад туршлага
Авч байсан шагнал, тэтгэлэг
Он сар өдөр, шагнал, тэтгэлгийн нэр
Олон улсын шалгалт өгсөн бол нэр, дүн
Албан байгууллагын захирлын нэрс, албан тушаал болон холбогдох утас, и-мэйл хаяг


Sylvia M. Berry
15193 Evergreen Court
Carmel City, CA 90000

San Francisco Graduate School of Psychology
San Francisco, CA

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology
expected 6-97

Emphasis: Clinical, Development Psychology
Recipient: Israeli Student Scholarship (Academic)

San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

M.A., Developmental Psychology

Thesis: Self-esteem, Parenting Styles, Communication: Determining a Developmental Link
Emphasis: Counseling Electives, Practicum

San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

B.A., Psychology

San Francisco Center for Child Study
San Francisco, CA

Observing and assisting with individual child and adolescent therapy, including testing, diagnosis, and care presentation.
12-93 to 6-95

H.E.L.P Line
San Francisco, CA

CounselorTelephone counselor for 24- hour child abuse hotline. Provide crisis intervention, education, and counseling to parents. Requires ability to assess nature and intensity of the client's problem quickly, and to develop a therapeutic response in one confidential telephone call. Maintain knowledge of related referral network.
12-92 to present


San Francisco, CA
12-92 to present

Private Practice of Richard X. Lamping, Ph.D.
Carmel, CA


1-92 to 9-92

Obtained psycho-medical histories, observed therapy sessions, discussed treatment plans and therapeutic techniques with the doctor.

San Francisco Psychological Services
San Francisco, CA

Research Assistant

9-91 to 6-92

Assisted Dr. Richard Servatti with an anxiety research project. Served as an actor-facilitator, creating anxiety-response behaviors in subjects during videotaped session.

The White School, University of California
Irvine, CA


6-89 to 6-91

Worked under supervision of Dr. Ann Miller, dean of social sciences for U.C., Irvine. Was only undergraduate selected to organize and teach an experimental class at the White School: "Testing Models of Self-Esteem Training in an Elementary Class of Boys and Girls: Toward Developing Applied Techniques for Teachers," using a tumbling class as a medium. Organized and taught class, conducted pre- and post-class testing and follow-up.

Strive to Succeed School
San Francisco, CA

Teaching Assistant

6-93 to present

Assist in teaching students 12-15 years of age. Taught the library and study skills unit. Provided one on one and group psycho-educational counseling.

American Psychological Association (APA)
California Psychological Association (CPA)

Spanish (fluent: speak, write, read, translate)


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