Monday, August 2, 2010

Австралийн Засгийн газрын тэтгэлэгт хөтөлбөр


The Government of Australia through the Agency for International Development (AusAID), in cooperation with the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia, is pleased to announce that up to 28 scholarships are being awarded to individuals to undertake Master's degree studies at Australian Universities commencing in either January or July 2012. 
The scholarships made available through the Mongolia - Australian Scholarships Program (MASP) are available under two targeted categories. Category 1 is for applicants from target ministries and their associated agencies. Category 2 is open to universities, non-government and private sector applicants, but is restricted to targeted fields of study.
Category 1 – Targeted Institutions  
Up to 21 scholarships are available under Category 1 for core staff of ministries/offices and staff of the associated agencies of  the: Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia, Civil Service Council, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Food & Agriculture and Light Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Ministry of Health,  Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs,  Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development, Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour, the offices of the Administration of the Supreme Court, Parliament Secretariat, the President, Prime Minister of Mongolia, First Deputy Premier, Deputy Premier and staff of their associated agencies;       
The scholarships will be awarded following skill need priorities identified in ministry human resource development plans.
Category 2 – Targeted Fields of Study 
Up to 7 scholarships are available under Category 2, on a competitive basis, for Masters programs covering the following target fields of study:
Mining engineering; construction engineering; mining, energy and natural resources law; resource economics; renewable energy; coal technolog; nanotechnology; biotechnology; environmental studies relating to resource development; agricultural economics and/or marketing; infectious plant diseases; pasture management; actuarial studies; non-bank financial regulation; epidemiology and public health; gender; women’s studies; human rights; reproductive health; methodologies for teaching English as a foreign language.
Eligibility Criteria: 
The following criteria apply to be eligible:
  • be a Mongolian citizen and resident;
  • not hold or have held an Australian government-funded scholarship in the preceding 12 months at time of application;
  • be a full-time employee with the current Employer for at least a continuous 2 year period of work experience at the time of application;
  • be holding a bachelor degree (or equivalent) qualification from an academic institution recognized by Australian universities;
  • be willing to undertake a medical and meet Australian visa requirements;
  • be willing to return to work for their respective Employer for a period of not less than 2 years following the completion of studies;
  • have the approval of their Employer;
  • have a level of English equivalent to an average IELTS level of 5.0 or above; and
  • provide an expression of interest (completed application form) including an outline of a proposed study Action Plan (both in Mongolian and English languages) and an assessment of fundamental IT literacy skills in word processing and use of the Internet, as well as an academic transcript from a recognized Mongolian tertiary institution;
English language training in Mongolia will be available to successful applicants to improve their English language skills to meet the requirements of Australian universities of 6.5 IELTS with no band score below 6.0.
Contact Details
Applicants interested in Category 1 should contact the Public Administration and Management Department of their Ministries for further information and application forms. Additional information for Category 2, the targeted fields of study scholarships, is available from the MASP Office at
Suite 201, Building 8, Behind IT Park, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Telephone:  (976 11) 318852;
Fax:  (976 11) 322284.
For further information:
A briefing session for Category 1 will take place at the Circle Auditorium of the National University of Mongolia on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 10:00 am. A briefing session for Category 2 will be held at the Circle Auditorium of the National University of Mongolia on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 10:00 am. Application information and forms are available on below.
Closing Date for Applications
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 5:30 pm in the office of the Public Administration and Management Department for Category 1 scholarships, and in the MASP office for Category 2 scholarships.
Documents available for download:

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