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International Scholars Exchange Fellowship Programme

The purpose of the International Scholar Exchange Fellowship is to enhance international exchange and cooperation in learning in order to promote academic advancement and mutual understanding among various cultural groups.

The International Scholar Exchange Fellowship Programme (ISEFP) is aimed at enhancing academic exchange and cooperation among international scholars by providing them with opportunities to visit and stay in Korea for one year to conduct research. The fellowship provides comprehensive research expenses for a year that include a living allowance, honorarium of 1.000.000 won after successful submission of their research reports to the Foundation, a round-trip airplane ticket and a medical insurance. During the fellowship period in Korea, the fellows enjoy free access to the KFAS facilities, such as study carrels/seminar rooms, and a library. This program currently focuses on scholars from Asia and is interested in inviting young and outstanding scholars in the fields of humanities, social sciences, law, management, petrochemical engineering, electrical engineering (electronic science), telecommunications, and computer science. 

Fields of Research 
Humanities , social sciences 

Electronic engineering, computer science 

Life Sciences 

Petrochemical engineering

Qualifications of Applicants 
· University faculty members and institution’s researchers from Asian countries 

· Those who are 50 years old or younger, as of submission deadline 

· Those who have a doctoral degree 


· Application deadline: December 20, 2010

· Announcement of results: March 29,2011 

· 2,000,000 won per month (24,000,000 won per year) 

· 1,000,000 won after successfully submitting a final research paper at the end of the fellowship period 

· A round trip airline ticket: a round trip ticket between the airport nearest to the researcher’s residential place and Seoul (or the amount of actual airfare) 

· Medical insurance: covering medical expense during stays in Korea. 

List of our ISEFP laureates 

Name Department Affiliated Institutions in Korea Year 

1.Prof.D.Dagvadorj, /SES, NUM/ SNU, Institute of Management Research, College of Business Administration, Prof. Jong Lim, 2000

2. Prof. D.Demberelnyamba/FC, NUM/, Dept.Chemical Engineering, KIST, Prof. Huen Lee, 2000

3. Prof.G.Myagmarsurem, Dept.Chemical Engineering, KIST, Prof. Song-Ki Lim, 2001

4. Prof. D.Garmaa, Dept.Computer Sc.&Engineering, Korea University, Prof. BakDookwon, 2001 

5. Orolmaa Munkhbat (1967) / Dep.of Sociology,NUM/ SNU, Dep.of Sociology,Prof.Hong Doo Seung , 2002 

6. Purev Jaimai (1954) / School of Physics and Electronics,NUM/ Sejong Univ., Prof.Hyun Seok,Park, 2002 

7. Badamdorj Chinbat ( 1957 ) / Faculty of Geography &Turism, NUM / SNU,Dep.Urban Geography, Prof HUH Woo, 2003 

8. Jambaljav Nyamjav (1956)/ Dep.Computer &Information, NUM/ Chungnam National Univ. Radiowave Lab. Prof. Jeong Ki Park,2003 

9. Nachin Baatarbileg (1969) / Faculty of Biology, NUM/ Ghungbuck National Univ., Agricultural Science & Technology Res. Institute, 2003 

10. Turtogtoh Janar ( 1976 )/ School of Social Science &Humanities, NUM Seoul National Univ., Department of Polit. Sc.Prof. Park Chan-Wook, 2004 

11. Tsevelmaa Khyrgas ( )/ School of Economics, NUM Seoul National University , 2004 

12. Jargal Luvsanchultem ( )/ Dept.of Geology, NUM Seoul National University , 2004 

13. Erdene Myagmar ( ) Dept. Archaeology &Anthropology, NUM, Institute of Archaeology, Korea University, 2005

14. Uyanga Sambuu ( ), Dept. Computer Engineering, Korea University ,2005 

15. Nergui Sonintamir, 2006

16. Ragchaa Galbadrakh , Seoul National University, 2006

17. Jamiyan Bbattur , 2006 

18. Lkhamjav Enkhtur, Seogang University, 2007 

19. Namsrai Batnasan, Seogang University, 2007

20. T.Javzansuren, 2007 

21.Dugarjav Naran, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, SNU, 2008 

22. Batsaikhan Ookhnoi, Institute of History and Culture, Hankuk University, 2008 

23. Amjalan Natsagdorj, Department of Physics, Sogang University, 2008

24. Davaasuren Batsukh, ,Kyunghee University, School of Business Administration, 2009, 

25.Barsbold Bazarragchaa, Inje University, 2009 

26. Ariunbolor Purev, The University of Seoul, 2009 

27. Dorjkhand Molomjamts, Seoul National University, 2010

28. Badamdorj Bayartogtokh, Korea University, 2010

29. Tseden Tsetsegjargal, 2010


The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies and the Asia Research Center at the NUM are inviting qualified and experienced scholars to participate in one-year postdoctoral fellowship programme in Korea. The following criteria will apply to candidates: 

Fields of research:

Information and communication technology 
Energy related fields: petrochemical engineering 
Humanities and social sciences 

Applicants must hold PhD and three years of work experience since the defense of PhD 
Applicants must be employed by Mongolian universities and research institutions 
Applicants must be under 50 years old 
Applicants must have English proficiency that is excellent enough to conduct postdoctoral research 
Applicants must demonstrate international research and professional experience 
Applicants must demonstrate their research capability by publications (especially in international refereed journals) 
Benefits of the scholarship

Up to three fellows will be selected for ISEFP. All expenses including international travel and living expenses will be provided for fellows. 

Selection steps: 

Submission of the completed application form (see the form) 
Pre-selection interview in English (Evaluation committee will select 10 people) 
Submission of the full application package to the Asia Research Center (10 people for semifinal selection) 
Selection of fellows for 2011-2012 (Out of 10, 2-3 people will obtain fellowship) 
Deadline: 15 December 2010

Applicants are not permitted to directly apply to KFAS without contacting the Asia Research Center at the NUM. 

Contact details: National University of Mongolia, Main building, Room No 210 

Telephone: 324385 Dr.A. Sainbayar 


Family Name 

Given Name 

Date of Birth 

Institutional Affiliation 

Contact details: 

Qualification and Majors


From To
Position and Job Duties


Name of Fellowship
Year Obtained
Purpose of fellowship

5. ENLGISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY (if you have taken IELTS, TOEFL etc, please indicate the date of test and your score. If not, please provide information about any studies that you have taken in English including English language courses)

6. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE (more than three months stay overseas) 

Host institutions 

Major outputs 


8. BRIEF RESEARCH PROPOSAL (no more than 5 pages) 

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